We offer special activities for young people at our contemporary services. On 2nd Sundays at RISE, the All Age service, those who are year 6 up have their own group for part of the morning. On 4th Sundays at the contemporary service young people are encouraged to be involved in serving in some way, be it helping with the children’s/under fives work, refreshments, doing a reading/ prayer, welcoming, music, technical support, etc. From September 2019 there will be a separate group for young people on a Sunday morning at the contemporary services.

Home/Cell group for year 6 up

We are about to start a home/cell group in the evenings for young people aged school years 6 and above.  The group will focus on discipleship, Bible study, food, discussion/debate, games and friendship. For more information, details, venue and how to encourage your young person to engage in these groups please contact us.

The Open Door Youth Group

This is an open youth club which meets on a Wednesday evening at (usually) The Little Chapel in the village. School year 6-8 meet 6.30-7.45pm and those in year 9 up meet 8-9pm.

As a church we are connected with Soul Survivor through the annual summer event and the Saturday evening celebrations that happen throughout the year